Arctic animals ltd.

We deliver the animals from the regions,
traditionally referred to the arctic ones,
to any point in the world.
Arctic animals has highly skilled and experienced specialists in the field of veterinary science, keeping, maintenance and transportation of animals, animals trainers.
Our specialists develop and perfect the programs of animals’ keeping and breeding in captivity.
We operate on legal basis, in the course of the deal the required set of documents (Veterinary certificates, CITES permits, etc.) will be prepared for all animals.

Available to order

At present our company can offer the following birds:

Horned puffins (lat. Fratercula corniculata);
Common Guillemots (lat. Uria aalge);
Brünnich’s Guillemots (lat. Uria lomvia);
Tufted puffins (lat. Fratercula cirrhata).

All permits and licenses required for delivery are obtained.

The animal’s cost depends on its species, catching technique and process, set of the documents required and terms of delivery. Currently we are working on elaborating the delivery policy for other animals, inhabiting the Arctic territory.

Animals’s skeletons

We offer exclusive goods
skeletons of marine mammals.

All skeletons are reconstructed under the unique technology elaborated by our specialists.

Following your request and order we can deliver a skeleton of any Animal, inhabiting the Artic area.

We can also offer the service on design and mounting the exposition of the exhibition.

Bone - and Fell goods

Arctic animals ltd.
can offer bone goods.

The goods made of bones are unique and exclusive presents/souvenirs, striking by its originality and beauty.

Such material as walrus bone, mammoth ivory, cachalot tooth, Elk horn, deer horn, plain animal bone, also the animal’s scalps claws with inlaid gems and precious metals are used for bone carving.

Artic fox (silver, blue), ringed seal (jar seal), common seal, bearded seal

Stuffed rare birds

The exhibits of the stuffed rare birds are manufactures by our master with consideration of anatomic peculiarities of each species.

The most showy sides of each exhibit
are presented: - silhouette, plumage, pose.

The birds live in huge breeding colonies on rocky sea banks, it is practically impossible to catch them- that makes them unique!

The exhibits of tufted birds are very original business-present, such trophy symbolizes the success of its possessor, which is very important in business spheres!

Raw stock for Dietary supplement and pharmaceutics

Our company can offer natural raw materials of animal origin: animal fat and biologically active substances for Diet supplements production, cosmetics, food industry and for veterinary purposes.

Other services

Arctic animals Ltd. can offer a number of other services:
  • Design and “turn-key” construction of open cages/holding facilities for animals.
  • Delivery of animals to the point on destination observing the requirements, veterinary, sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. The freight can be accompanied by our specialists.
  • Training and teaching of the Customer’s personnel to handle, breed and treat the animals.
  • Animals training by the specialists of our company, who have wide practical experience in this sphere. Also upon order we can teach your personnel to train the animals.


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